¡Viva la vida! Es lebe das Leben!

Enjoy life! Vive la vie! 



Amalia Valenzuela Pérez


Dipl. Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Behavioural Therapist

Trained in Body Therapy at the Institute for Physical Therapy, Berlin

Dance Psychotherapist

Currently training in Trauma Therapy






Born in Colombia / South America, I went to California / USA, UCSD, to study Linguistics and worked there as a language teacher and translator. A few years later I moved to Germany, where I graduated in Psychology at the Technical University in Berlin. Then, at the Free University of Berlin, I specialised in Public Health and spent several years studying dance therapy techniques at various institutions. At the Institute for Behavioural Therapy, Brandenburg, I earned a degree in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy. In the context of these special studies, I worked 1½ years in the Crisis Intervention and Psychiatry Department at the Charité, followed by 2 years working as a psychotherapist at Dr Kalinowski's Trauma Zentrum Berlin. 



A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere awaits...


I designed the therapy rooms myself, paying particular attention to comfort and creating a relaxed atmosphere. I want you to feel welcome !!


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Dipl.Psychologin, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin,

Amalia Valenzuela Pérez



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