Coaching is an analytical process involving professional and private content. It is an instrument for the perception, design and promotion of human processes and developments. Coaching helps you to better recognize and learn connections, to handle your own abilities and potentials more creatively and productively.


In such a process I see myself as a coach, i.e. as a stimulating and motivating force. I accompany you respectfully on your way of solution search and development, completely according to your own feeling. In a "working alliance" that you yourself desire and trust, we not only look at you as a person, but also at your environment and your relationships.

I support you in taking a closer look and observing more self-responsibility for yourself and your life. Through empowerment - a central concept of this process - you will develop self-confident strategies and measures to lead your life more autonomously and self-determined. You will then be more powerful and creative in achieving your goals, interests and dreams.





"Peace begins where diversity is understood as an element of appreciation and growth" (Kofi Annan)


Migration is as old as humanity itself, and without migration (movement) humanity would be unthinkable. 20 million people in Germany have a so-called "migration background" or an intercultural background and, as clients or patients, need demand-oriented treatment or the needs of their clients accordingly.


In practice, intercultural learning means, among other things, sensitising people to what appears and is different. It is a new locating in space and time. It brings with it the acquisition of competences that allow one to further develop one's horizon, to perceive one's creative part, to tolerate other cultural perspectives and to integrate them into one's own view of the world. It promotes fair integration, participation and participation in the sense of "cultural fairness". For modern institutions in Europe, it means promoting diversity and visibility (presence), which are important goals for education, business, politics and health in order to open up a diverse reservoir of ideas and potential.


In the workplace, many people perform high intercultural tasks in accelerated, globalized work processes without having time to reflect on them. The environment is constantly changing. The pressure is increasing, the pace of learning is accelerating. The change between cultures is part of everyday life. In our mobile and globalised world, people move from country to country, from region to region, from organisation to organisation, from job to job. Often decisions have to be made that have enormous consequences for many people. Therefore, an intercultural approach that takes into account different cultural conditions and aspects or perspectives in dealing with people is very important. In the workplace, intercultural competences are key skills that promote effective, respectful and equitable communication between people of different cultural backgrounds. 


The German healthcare system is undergoing an immense structural change in this respect. Demographic developments and new working time regulations in particular are responsible for this interplay with migration movements. To give one concrete example: The growing ageing migrant population in Germany needs new, patient-oriented, inclusive care and treatment concepts.


Intercultural openness must become a reality or be guaranteed in the health and psychosocial sectors. Intercultural training and coaching for individuals, organisations and their staff facilitate cultural awareness, the development of intercultural competences, the realisation of participation and participation, which means a clear improvement in the service sector and a reflection of the diverse realities and needs of our society.


I am happy to share my knowledge and many years of experience in the psychosocial and clinical intercultural field with you. I support you and your organization on the way to a "visible intercultural performance". An exciting field worth exploring awaits you!










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Dipl.Psychologin, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin,

Amalia Valenzuela Pérez



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