Dance Therapy: Get joy out of life and activate your vitality!



Method: creative movement, combination of verbal and non-verbal communication, expressive dance, using your voice, relaxation techniques.


When: every two weeks, Saturday 4pm to 5:30pm


Fee: Please, ask in person!


Run by:


- Irina Ocaña, Dipl Social Worker and Integrative Dance Therapist who works on an outpatient basis and in hospitals.

- Amalia Valenzuela Pérez, Dipl Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialising in Behavioural therapy, who has been training in body therapy at the Institute for Body Therapy, Berlin for the last 2 years. She is a Body Dance Trainer and singer, and works in a private practice.


What is dance therapy?


Dance therapy is a physical- and psycho- therapeutic method which was first developed by dancers in the US during the 1940s.


Dance movements are used to promote the integration of physical and emotional wellbeing.


There are no rules to how you choose to move during the therapy. The most important thing is personal expression!


Goal: authentic, self-determined movement.


- Better handling of conflicts and repressed emotions.

- Improved self-image and perception of others.

- Strengthening of self-confidence (physical and emotional).

- Encourages stabilisation of personality.

- Support in dealing creatively with current life issues.


Dance therapy is a healing process through movement!!




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Dipl.Psychologin, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin,

Amalia Valenzuela Pérez



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